About Us

Supporting Next Generation Farmers

In Canada, the average age of farmers continues to increase. As of 2021, the average age of Canadian farmers was 56, with a median age of 58. This means there will be a major transition to a younger generation of farmers tasked with feeding our communities. We understand this importance from coming from a multi-generational farm ourselves.

Our mission is to help the next generation of farmers succeed in their goals through innovative solutions including infrastructure, tools, equipment, consultation and mentorship.

Horticultural Agronomy Specialist

Our lead agrologist, Matthew Carr A.Ag., specializes in production horticulture focusing on organic and soil-health based systems. With the backing of two Prairie Horticulture Certificates and a Bachelor of Science major in Horticulture and minor in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan (2019), and the development of his own successful farm business, he is resource of practical and theoretical knowledge combining modern and traditional practices. With his invested interest in agriculture through his farm, he understands and has experienced learning the tough skills of growing food and entrepreneurship.

Why Cultivate? Why now?

Cultivatehort Solutions Ltd. was created to bridge the gap between modern innovation and growers of all scales from backyarders to commercial enterprises in Canada.  Our innovation and development stems from farmer testing and feedback to create and offer solutions that will meet your needs. By offering professional agronomic consulting as well as products and equipment necessary to increase production, we look forward to improving local food systems with the next generation of growers!