Kootenay Tunnels

Protected Growing Made Simple

The easy-to-assemble and affordable solution to controlling your crop’s climate! We offer the flexibility from caterpillar-style tunnels to high tunnels to meet the many different needs of growers.

Developed and manufactured in the interior of British Columbia, Kootenay Tunnels are made of commercial-grade steel to better handle snow and wind. Our unique, gothic design allows growers to better maximize the bed space within the structure, while also providing better support for crops requiring trellising.

Developed by Growers

We couldn’t find an easy solution, so we made our own! With inspiration from other growers and our understanding on what we needed for our growing, we were able to design a tunnel that maximizes production while being able to withstand our northern climate.

Northern Climate Ready

Our unique gothic design allows for snow to easily slide off during the winter without sacrificing interior growing space. Tall sides also creates more room for snow to collect along the sides of the tunnel. Additional metal tubing along the ridge and extra wind bracing support for the structure from windy events.

Simple & Affordable

We simplified tunnel installation by standardizing nuts, reducing unnecessary items and streamlining assembly, without sacrificing on quality. While we understand tunnels are an investment, we made a goal to ensure growers of differing scales could afford Canadian-made tunnels and boost their ability to grow great food!


We know there is no one-way to farm and growers have their own needs. We offer customizable options to best suite your plans. With options on doors, plastic securement, arch spacing, length, poly materials and accessories, we are capable of fulfilling your dream structure. These structures also make great livestock barns, sheds, garages and more!

Advantages to Kootenay Tunnels

  • Year-round protection
  • Designed for Northern Climates
  • Simple to assemble – two people, less than one day
  • All parts required
  • Multiple options
    • Arch Spacing
    • End Wall Doors
    • Side Wall Ventilation
    • Plastic Attachment
  • Stronger than similar styled structures 
  • Easier than DIY
  • Installation pictures & videos
  • No importation or duties! Made in Canada

Standard Tunnel Kits

Mini 25


Suited for hobbyists and backyard growers

  • 25′ long
  • 16′ wide
  • 11’6″ tall
  • 5′ arch spacing
  • Includes single layer 6mil clear greenhouse poly
  • Includes wind bracing
  • Includes traditional rope securement
  • Includes all hardware

*End-wall doors, taxes and shipping not included

Hobby 55


Made for small-scale

  • 55′ long
  • 16′ wide
  • 11’6″ tall
  • 5′ arch spacing
  • Includes single layer 6mil clear greenhouse poly
  • Includes wind bracing
  • Includes traditional rope securement
  • Includes all hardware

*End-wall doors, taxes and shipping not included

Grower 105


Developed for market gardeners

  • 105′ long
  • 16′ wide
  • 11’6″ tall
  • 5′ arch spacing
  • Includes single layer 6mil clear greenhouse poly
  • Includes wind bracing
  • Includes traditional rope securement
  • Includes all hardware

*End-wall doors, taxes and shipping not included



Each farm is different, so are your needs

  • Custom length
  • 16′ wide
  • 11’6″ tall
  • 4′ or 5′ arch spacings
  • Poly covering options
  • Wind bracing options
  • Door options
  • Poly securement options
  • Includes all hardware

*Taxes and shipping calculated per order

Frequently Asked Questions

What is all included in a standard kit?

  • 1-5/8”  galvanized tubing arches
  • 1 5/8″ 36″ footing tubing
  • 1-3/8” top purlin
  • 1-3/8” collar ties (arches)
  • 1 5/8″ collar ties (ends x 2)
  • 1-3/8” wind bracing
  • All hardware including screws, bolts, nuts and collars
  • 6 mil greenhouse poly as required depending on size
  • 1/4” nylon rope or cord as required
  • Channel lock and wire as required
  • Ability to add options like end-wall doors and accessories

Why are kits offered as 55' and 105' lengths?

Following standardized small-scale growing practices, many growers have either 50′ or 100′ bed lengths. Our tunnels have an additional 5′ of space to ensure you can maximize your full bed length and be able to access easily.

Do you offer irrigation options?

Currently we do not offer irrigation kits. We will not be offering irrigation until we trial and test to find a system that we enjoy working with our tunnel design.

Can these structures be used other than to grow crops?

In addition to growing crops, our tunnel structures can be used for livestock barns, shops, garages, storage and more. With customizable poly coverings and accessories, we will work with you to design your structure.

Do you offer custom sizes and options?

Yes we do offer custom projects! Currently we can only offer 16′ wide but you can customize length, rib spacing, covering materials and end wall door setups. As we expand to meet the many different needs of growers. Fill out our custom order form to start your new project. 

Where do you ship to?

We ship across Canada with LTL freight companies. We do not offer our own local delivery, but welcome local pick up.

What does shipping cost?

Shipping is quoted individually for each order. Please contact us for a quote before placing an order. Local pickups are welcome and preferred. We do not do local deliveries at this time.

BC – $400-900

East – $500-1200

How long does assembly of a kit take?

We can assemble a 100′ tunnel with two staff in under 8 hours with the proper equipment and tools. A conservative estimate for first time builders is a frame the first day and plastic the next day.

Do you offer on-site installation?

We do not offer on-site installation at this time, but are considering this service.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Professional Installer at contact@cultivatehort.ca

Can your tunnels handle snow?

We developed our tunnels with a unique gothic arch design to allow snow to shed off and tall sidewalls to increase the space for snow to collect while not sacrificing interior growing space. While snow trials of our structures have been positive, it is still in best practice to remove snow if rain is expected and periodically during large snow fall events to protect the structure.

Trusted by Growers


I love the design of this tunnel, I have many different unheated tunnels and this one is the best. The design allows you to walk and work along the edges with ease instead of hunching over and the height allows my fruiting crops to grow nice and tall.


Brendan – Salix and Sedge Farm

Salmo, BC

Need protected growing space this upcoming season?